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The best ballers in the world battle it out in the Big Easy!  

Allstate Sugar Bowl Super 60 Basketball​

14u Gold Division Champion

​MC Warriors (AL)

7th Grade Gold Division Runner-Up

RW3 All-Stars (LA)

15u/9th Grade Gold Division Runner-Up

​Trill Warriors (LA)

6th Grade Purple Division Champion

XL's Prospects (TX)

9u Purple Division Champion

Triple Threat Raptors (LA)

9u Gold Division Runner-Up

Team Edition (FL)

11u Purple Division Runner-Up

Wellington Wolves (FL)

14u Purple Division Runner-Up

Louisiana Jaguars (LA)

11u Gold Division Runner-Up

​Memphis Phenoms (TN)

13u Green Division Champion

Fleur de Lis (LA)​​

12u Purple Division Runner-Up

​Ball City Elite (LA)

11u Purple Division Champion


15u/9th Grade Gold Division Champion

​Team Thad Wareagles (TN)

10u Purple Division Runner-Up

​Louisiana All Around Hoopas (LA)

14u Green Division Runner-Up

Mo City Ballers (TX)

10u Gold Division Runner-Up

T.J. Lakers (MD)

8u Gold Division Champion


8th Grade Green Division Champion

Windy City Allstars (IL)

13u Purple Division Runner-Up

SoCal Bravehearts (CA)

6th Grade Gold Division Runner-Up

Mo City Ballers (TX)

12u Purple Division Champion

​Inland Force (CA)

7th Grade Purple Division Runner-Up

Diesel Elite (AL)

8th Grade Gold Division Champion

Drive5 Power Elite (KS)

12u Gold Division Runner-Up

We It Ballers (LA)

10u Purple Division Champion

Tennessee Dream Chasers (TN)

6th Grade Gold Division Champion

​UEB Trojans (GA)

9u Gold Division Champion

Houston Hoops Blue Chips (TX)

13u Purple Division Champion

River Region Raptors (LA)

14u Gold Division Runner-Up

Team DEZ (TN)

12u Gold Division Champion

Chasers 2024 (GA)

8th Grade Gold Division Runner-Up

Houston Flight (TX)

11u Green Division Champion

Hub City Elite (LA)

12u Green Division Runner-Up

Texas Premier Sharks (TX)

14u Green Division Champion

VA Hoops (TX)

12u Green Division Champion

HP Ballers (LA)


13u Gold Division Champion

Triple Threat Raptors (LA)

13u Green Division Runner-Up

Total Package Elite (TX)

7th Grade Purple Division Champion

Houston Defenders 2023 (TX)

11u Green Division Runner-Up

Hoover Havoc (AL)

8th Grade Green Division Runner-Up

Sports Academy Garrett Temple (LA)

11u Gold Division Champion

Triple Threat Raptors (LA)

8th GradePurple Division Runner-Up

Louisiana Blazers (LA)

10u Gold Division Champion

Meanstreets (IL)

7th Grade Gold Division Champion

Lone Star United (TX)

9u Purple Division Runner-Up

Jarell Martin (LA)

8th Grade Purple Division Champion

Wellington Wolves Gold (FL)

8u Gold Division Runner-Up

Steel City Gators (AL)

14u Purple Division Champion

Team Warriors (LA)

6th Grade Purple Division Runner-Up

Houston Trailblazers (TX)

13u Gold Division Runner-Up

​River Parish Knights (LA)