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The best ballers in the world battle it out in the Big Easy!  

Super 60 Basketball​

Please view the list of teams which have attended the Super 60 from 2010 till 2017.  Teams from 28 different states have played in the Super 60!

Past Results

Past Super 60 Results:

Super 60 History/Background

The Super 60 began in 2010 as a weekend basketball event for the top 60 teams in the South. It has now emerged as “the” Memorial Day weekend basketball tournament in the nation.  Starting with teams from 4 states, it quickly grew to 142 teams from 14 states in 2011 to 279 teams from 14 states in 2012 to 351 teams from 16 states in 2013 to 402 teams from 22 states in 2014.  2015 saw boys and girls play the same weekend and had 362 boys and 48 girls teams from 21 states - 4 of which were defending AAU National Champions - descend upon New Orleans, while the 2016 Super 60 had 403 boys and girls teams from 17 states compete with all the big time programs from across the nation! The 2017 Super 60 had 401 boys and girls teams from 16 states light up the social media scene with the hoop action at the highest level! 

Super 60 tourney


The allstate sugar bowl Super 60 Takes place in the New orleans metro area (aka the "Big Easy") over memorial day weekend.  

With 30 years of experience running youth basketball events, the Super 60 staff ensures a quality event which includes:

  • Air conditioned gym sites 
  • Book & Clock keepers provided by Super 60 for all games
  • Online posting of all results every hour during the event
  • Social media updates throughout all events and pre/post events
  • Athletic trainers at cluster sites

Super 60 history